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Sawtooth Oak - (pkg of 50)

Sawtooth Oak - (pkg of 50)

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Quercus acutissima (Non-native) Sawtooth oak is a native of Japan, Korea, China, and the Himalayan area. The species has been extensively planted and performs very well in many eastern states. It is a medium-sized tree that commonly reaches heights of 50-60 feet and diameters of 2-4 feet in its natural range. A member of the white oak family, it has a medium to large acorn. It is considered to be a moderate to fast grower. The leaves are chestnut-like in appearance. In the fall, they turn a golden yellow before becoming brown. The leaves persist on the tree into winter. It has been widely planted as a wildlife food source due to its abundant acorn crops. Acorns are highly resistant to insects and disease and production can begin as early as six years of age. Sawtooth oak is adaptable to a wide range of sites, however, it prefers acid, well-drained soils.

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